Xodus Group is committed to the prevention of injury, ill health and pollution and to conducting its business in a way that ensures Health, Safety, Security, Environmental, and Quality risks are minimised.

Xodus Group manages these risks through compliance with our Business Management System. The company will review and improve the contents within it, ensuring it continues to effectively manage its risks. Our Business Management System is used to ensure that company activities and services comply with our Statement of Principles:

General Principles
Maintain our Business Management System, seeking continual improvement. Measure the effectiveness of our Business Management System, in order to meet and continually monitor progression towards targets.

Comply with all applicable requirements including legislation, permits, codes of practice, contract terms, and other stakeholder expectations. Group compliance will be confirmed regularly by the Senior Management Team.

Health, Safety and Environmental Management Principles
Implement procedures, standards and systems that ensure all Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) risks associated with projects, offices, facilities and functions are controlled.

Regularly seek out and review HSE risks in order that any potential hazards are identified at an early stage and, where necessary, mitigated against.

Continually improve our in-house HSE performance, through setting objectives, and monitoring progress towards these objectives.

Provide suitable advice to clients on reducing their environmental and safety impacts through design and operational solutions.

Ensure personnel and contractors meet Xodus Group expectations for HSE practices and conduct operations in a safe, healthy and environmentally sensitive manner.

Quality Management Principles
Establish performance improvement objectives and monitor performance and progress towards these objectives to ensure the desired quality is retained.

Ensure that documentation is kept in order to effectively control processes and monitor performance towards the company's Business Management System objectives.

Ensure that personnel and subcontractors have appropriate knowledge, experience, skills, training and competency to a level that allows them to meet the required standards.

Security Management Principles
Establish and encourage a culture that promotes security as everyone's responsibility to ensure that risk to personnel, third parties, business functions, projects, clients and suppliers is minimised.

Implement measures under our Business Management System that will minimise and control security risks to our assets, people, data and information/knowledge, intellectual property, reputation, relationships, and physical infrastructure.