March 2016

Jacqueline Geddes-Smith

Production Assurance Global Lead and a huge animal lover, learn more about Jacqueline and her Xodus career highlights.

How long have you been at Xodus and what does your job involve?
I’ve been with Xodus since May 2007, starting as a Principal Flow Assurance Engineer and working up to my present role as Production Assurance Global Lead. I’ve developed new skill sets in management and business development on the way, as well as focusing on other disciplines such as Production Chemistry and Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). 

What are the highlights of working at Xodus?
It’s a very personable company – everyone is really friendly and it’s a positive working environment because of that. There are so many different aspects to the job and there’s a new challenge each day. Because of Xodus’ integrated approach, you’re constantly working with different people and learning new things. It’s also very sociable – a highlight was being the Yellow Power Ranger of the group when the entire Flow Assurance Team dressed up for the company BBQ a few years ago!

What exciting projects are you working on?
We’re currently carrying out benchmarking work for the Andrew Area Development project for BP in the Central North Sea. We’ve been involved in the full lifecycle for the Kinnoull field from the appraise phase to production. The whole process has been very interesting; bringing fresh challenges and really demonstrating the breadth of Xodus’ capabilities.

What are your hobbies and interest outside work?
I’m a huge animal lover and about eight years ago I spent a month working on a cheetah breeding project in South Africa. I fell in love with it completely – the place, the animals, the people – and I went back to work in a lion project in Zambia. I started studying for a BSc in Animal Welfare but put it on hold after 18 months so it’s something I hope to get back to in the future.

Following our wedding in August, my husband and I travelled to South Africa and went back to the Dell Cheetah Centre where I caught up with some of the people – and cheetahs – who were still there. And I was able to introduce my husband to a fully-grown cheetah for the first time!

Photography, especially animal photography, has become a major hobby of mine in the last few years. After my time with the lions in Zambia I used some of my photographs in a fundraising calendar which a good number of people at Xodus supported. I was delighted when it raised £500 for the ALERT project.

Where can people find out more about the projects?
I would urge everyone to take a look at some of the opportunities that are available – it’s the experience of a lifetime. You can find out more information at:, and

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Jacqueline Geddes-Smith
Jacqueline Geddes-Smith, Production Assurance Global Lead