June 2015

Owen Reynolds

Brand Manager and ice hockey player, learn more about Owen and his Xodus career highlights.

How long have you been at Xodus, and what does your job involve?
I’ve been with Xodus for about a year now but my relationship with the company goes back much further than that. I work on marketing and visual communications covering websites, presentations, advertising, brochures, exhibitions and plenty more in between. I’m also responsible for developing and implementing the company’s brand.

What are your highlights of working at Xodus? 
There’s a Scotsman and a South African in a pub… no it’s not the start of a bad joke but the first time I met Colin Manson and Steve Swindell. I met with them to pitch logo concepts for a new company they were starting ten years ago. There were two options; one was elegant, sophisticated and understated, the other was bold, brave and strong. I’m glad they went for the latter, the X icon has become symbolic of the company in more ways than one. It’s definitely rewarding when your work goes global, whether it’s a trade show in Australia, by a sports field in Dubai or even spotting it on an umbrella in London. 

What are your ice hockey ambitions?
When I returned to the Scottish National League to play for the Aberdeen Lynx four years ago, the aim was to raise the profile of both the club and the sport. We played in an empty stadium and were lucky to score, let alone win. Now we have a highly competitive team that regularly plays in front of over 1,000 fans at our home games, which isn’t too bad for an amateur sports team! Despite multiple injuries, it’s all been worth it. I’m not getting any younger though so I’ve become more involved with coaching our junior teams to ensure the continued growth and success of the club.

Xodus is known for its work hard / play hard ethos. How does that influence your ice hockey career?
What I’ve discovered is the hardest wins are the most enjoyable, but if you don’t put the effort in, you can’t compete with the best. Our team can party pretty hard, but it’s always more satisfying when you’ve earned it. From a coaching point of view, patience has become key to instilling a work hard / play hard ethos. The kids I coach all know if they work hard they can have a bit of fun too, but you can’t take their effort for granted. It takes positive encouragement to get the most out of them. 

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Owen Reynolds
Owen Reynolds, Brand Manager