Staff Profiles

Michael Putrino
Consultant Engineer

What does your role cover?
My background is in flow assurance so I tend to be involved with solving production issues on a wide range of oil and gas assets. The Australian market has had a big focus on operations in the last few years, while new developments were put on hold, so I looked for opportunities to support operations with production issues and surveillance. My background in production assurance has helped me understand what operators are trying to achieve with their production surveillance systems, and it left me well placed to lead Xodus’ capability in this area. Intelligent monitoring supports operators by making use of their production data to enhance their understanding of their assets and detect early signs of under-performance. So now my role stretches from concept engineering, all the way through to operations support – and that means I get a lot of variety in my work.

Best Xodus moment?
It would have to be working from a personal office in Munich, Germany, right by the river and around the corner from some fantastic beer gardens! I was working on development projects in France, Norway and Kazakhstan from the London office when I decided to see if it could all still be executed from my girlfriend’s hometown, Munich. After a chat with my superiors, the wheels were set in motion and away I went. It was a fantastic opportunity and led to the wonderful German-Australian family I have today!

Greatest challenge?
UK Border Control. More than once I’ve had a challenge getting past these guys!

Why Xodus?
Xodus has given me flexibility, opportunity and friends for life. I’ve been lucky to work on a huge variety of projects and continually increase my skills and capabilities. There’s often a social occasion on the cards and it’s a place I feel I can manage my career and my home life in good balance.