Agan Balangalibun

Agan Balangalibun 
Senior Engineer

Tell us about your background?
I graduated with a degree in Chemical and Process Engineering and then cut my engineering teeth with a role in Offshore Production Operations in one of the biggest Oil and Gas operators in Malaysia. It was an enriching experience, getting to work both offshore and onshore and with professionals from a wide spectrum of disciplines. Coming over to Xodus, I’ve again found myself in a diverse group of professionals who bring a lot of varied experience to the table. I’ve had the pleasure of working in a cutting edge Intelligent Monitoring project and doing some interesting Flow Assurance work. The work has been challenging and rewarding and the learning, enormous.

What skills do you need to succeed at Xodus?
One recurring trait that I’ve seen since coming to Xodus is people bouncing back from obstacles with innovative solutions.  A number of times, we’ve been blocked by limitations in a system only to think, “Hang on a minute, why don’t we do this another way?” There is nothing like an “aha!” moment to make the work environment fun and interesting! It’s that kind of problem solving competence and ‘can do’ attitude which pervades through Xodus.

Best piece of advice you've received?
“If you need to learn something that’s going to help you work better, it is never a waste of time”. With the amount of data that systems produce nowadays, even simple tasks can balloon into unwieldy jobs. I was encouraged to up my coding skills so I could automate some of this manual data-wrangling work. I figured out how to do just that and as an added plus, out of my study came a few other tools that have been helping us in unrelated pieces of work. 

Best Xodus Moment?
I love the culture that we have at Xodus. Just like any job, there are days that the work is exciting and days where we need to roll up our sleeves and do the mundane. But we approach it all with good cheer and humour and that makes every difference. The cadre of colleagues whom I see every day are easy to relate to and my favourite Xodus moments have all been at the end of a Friday when we catch up with one another and have a chat.