Alasdair Gray

Alasdair Gray
Consultant Subsea and Pipelines Engineer

What does your role cover?
I have over 10 years' experience mainly focussed on subsea and rigid pipeline design and rigid spool analysis. I get involved with a wide range of different activities these days, from business development to proposal preparation, project management as well as the nitty gritty design work which I started out doing and still enjoy. I started off my career in the Aberdeen office in 2008 as a graduate doing subsea design work and 2 years ago, made the move out to Perth, in Western Australia. Although continuing with my usual day to day jobs as part of the subsea team here, my role in Perth has brought some new experiences, through working closely with one of our parent companies, Chiyoda, on Carbon Capture and Storage workscopes, to supporting a burgeoning decommissioning work demand.

Best Xodus moment?
There are too many to name one, as I have spent my whole career to date at the company! The main highlights were being involved almost from the inception of the subsea team in Aberdeen and seeing it grow to being the team it is today, gaining my chartership 2 ½ years ago, to then moving to Perth to start a new challenge of helping grow the subsea capability here. I have to also make reference to the great friends I have made and social events there have been along the way. Attendance at the Xodus Games in Dubai was definitely one to remember!

Greatest challenge?
The varying work scopes and adapting to whatever is put in front of you makes the work a great challenge. Although, having to quickly adapt to 35C+ temperatures for 4 months of the year, with pasty Scottish skin is also a pretty real challenge!

Why Xodus?
The simple answer to that question was my brother was working at the company and he suggested I come and do my university placement here. My degree is in Mechanical Engineering and I was always interested in everything subsea related, so I thought why not? Not long after joining I was confident it was a great place to work and since then I have not looked back and had some amazing opportunities and experiences along the way!