Chris Jones

Chris Jones
Consultant Subsea and Pipelines Engineer

What does your role cover?
My role covers the design of subsea pipelines, dynamic risers, and associated infrastructure.  This can range from very high level concept work (i.e. deciding which options are feasible, estimating cost and schedule, and picking the best option), FEED engineering, supporting tender and procurement, and all the way through to detailed in-place (and installation) design and analysis when projects are being executed.

Best Xodus moment?
I’ve been involved in developing some pretty complex analysis methodologies which are used in pipeline buckling design.  Seeing something rolled out that I’ve helped build from scratch and used successfully on real projects is pretty satisfying.

Greatest challenge?
I’ve had a few opportunities to be seconded directly into client offices to work directly with them on various projects.  Heading on your own into a different environment and having to hit the ground running can be a bit daunting at first!  That said it is great opportunity to see how things work in different places, and the experience has always been invaluable. 

Why Xodus?
For me it’s the variety of work I get to do.  One day I can be helping to choose the best development option for a multi-billion dollar facility and thinking about all aspects of the system (such how the subsea facilities interface with the process system, drilling, flow assurance, environment, HSE….). The next day I can be getting stuck into some intricate details such as looking at how non-linear bending stiffness and pipe-soil interaction effects the design of a flexible pipe. It allows me to scratch my itch to stay in the detail without feeling I’m forever pigeonholed as a number-cruncher and missing out on the bigger picture.