David Bloxsom

David Bloxsom
Lead Environmental Consultant

What does your role cover?
As an environmental consultant with a background in marine ecology, I am responsible for the delivery of a range of marine and coastal projects across offshore renewables, interconnectors and cables and oil & gas. I provide both project management and technical input into projects in the UK and internationally and work closely with clients to understand their requirements and ensure that Xodus is providing the best advice possible.

Best Xodus moment?
Joining the team! I am relatively new at Xodus, having joined a few months ago but already I feel like an integral part of the environment team and work closely with different business units.

Greatest challenge?
Time is always of the essence. Managing multiple projects for multiple clients can become difficult especially when deadlines clash. Luckily, there is a great management system and support structure in place at Xodus to ensure that nothing gets lost between the cracks.

Why Xodus?
The people are fantastic to work with. There is a range of expertise but everyone is willing to listen and learn from each other. Xodus is very well organised internally, so everyone is aware of upcoming tasks and requirements helping to manage workloads and enabling a more relaxed working environment. The social side of Xodus is also fantastic, everyone is very friendly and go out of their way to make a new starter feel welcome.