Jamie MacDonald

Jamie MacDonald
Principal Engineer

What Does your role cover?
Since joining Xodus Group's subsea division in 2012, I have actively contributed to a wide variety of mainly subsea related projects with a particular focus on flexible riser engineering, analysis and installation. During my time, I have diversified into areas including offshore renewables and decommissioning which has led me to manage a multi-disciplined team of subsea, environmental and risk consultants in a study for the options of a large export pipeline. I have actively contributed to and worked with other Xodus offices on numerous occasions allowing me to gain extensive knowledge of Xodus' capabilities which has left me well placed to contribute to integrated scopes of work and to support the external facing facets of the business. I have been lucky enough to represent Xodus at a business development level at a variety of conferences across the world. Most notably DecomWorld in Houston, USA and more recently AWTEC Taipei, Taiwan.  

Best Xodus Moment?
In May 2016 I got the opportunity to be seconded to Yokohama, Japan, where I lived and worked for a year. The type of work was a shift from typical subsea engineering and gave me the opportunity to be involved in providing business development and project interface support between Xodus Group, Chiyoda and Japanese E&P Companies. It allowed me to gain experience in presenting to large audiences and work on some ‘cutting-edge’ projects such as deep water methane hydrate extraction. In terms of personal travelling, Japan wouldn’t have been a destination on my radar prior to this opportunity. It definitely is now! It boasts some fascinating traditions, a deep depth of history, some of the most bizarre modern day culture and some of the best (and worst!) food I’ve ever tried. Not to mention the most welcoming and friendly colleagues who dragged me up Mt. Fuji! I will undoubtedly be back again!

Greatest Challenge?
When I joined Xodus we didn’t have an accredited ImechE Monitored Professional Development Scheme (MPDS). As such I took on the challenge of developing the current scheme which now gives developing engineers a credible route to engineering chartership. This required a significant amount of time, organisation and leadership, which as a graduate engineer was somewhat daunting but ended up very rewarding, especially as it was realised as being formally accredited by the IMechE following a successful application and audit. It is a scheme which I and a number of my colleagues have gone on to successfully complete and gain chartership status.

Why Xodus?
It’s about opportunity and fun – and that’s exactly what Xodus offer. I was aware of Xodus in the industry and was fortunate enough to get a placement here in my final Masters year at university. After a successful application, as a young engineer it was satisfying that they encouraged early client facing participation and pushed me towards a driven and aggressive path of development including involvement in a wide variety of diverse and challenging projects. But ultimately it’s about the people. Xodus has a flair for attracting some incredibly talented people who are able not only to pass on their vast knowledge but are also some of the most sociable people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. It’s the attitude and behaviour of them working as a team who drive the ‘work-hard play-hard’ foundations that Xodus is built on – that shouldn’t be understated and something that you can’t really put a value on.