Laetitia Gharios

Laetitia Gharios
Principal Process Engineer

What Does your role cover?
As a principal process engineer, I get involved in a wide variety of projects. These can range from a high-level assessment of an FPSO redeployment, which typically take a few weeks, to larger longer duration projects such as a full onshore process plant design project for a client (nearly three years of my time at Xodus!). My job can be purely process engineering orientated, developing process simulations, drawings or equipment sizing but can also cover different areas like cost estimation. I also manage smaller projects such as facility debottlenecking projects. Even though processes are often quite similar in oil and gas, there is always something new and challenging in each project. If you like pretty spreadsheets you will never get bored as a process engineer!

Best Xodus Moment?
Workwise, the best moments at Xodus for me are always at the end of a project where you know you have finally achieved and delivered what the client’s looking for. There’s a nice feeling of accomplishment and teamwork. Aside from project work, I must say the real best moments at Xodus are always linked to work events and nights out. There’s a great bunch of diverse people, who are professional and knowledgeable to work with but also incredibly fun outside the office doors.

Greatest Challenge?
Each project kicks up its own unique challenges, but this is what makes it interesting! If I must pick one, it would probably be around a wellpad project a few years ago. Having exclusively worked on FPSOs (offshore facilities) in my previous job, I was unfamiliar with onshore facilities, and I especially lacked knowledge of wellpad design. However, I soon found that it doesn’t take long to turn that challenge into a solid 60-page report.   

Why Xodus?
I was looking to move from Monaco to London (Yes, I know, people still ask me why I left the sunshine of the Riviera for the grey skies of London). I was in a mid-size EPC company for five years and didn’t fancy joining a big London EPC company, where I would have likely been confined to designing a small area of a process plant, a cog in the big machine. As a consultancy company, Xodus looked like a great opportunity to widen my experience and technical skills working on a wide variety of projects with exposure to many other disciplines. I have met and worked with great people and learnt a lot during my time.