Liz Foubister

Liz Foubister

What does your role cover?
With over 25 years experience in the offshore energy and consulting business I get involved with a wide range of different activities; business development and marketing, proposal preparation and negotiation, project delivery and peer review. I am also a member of the environment division management team. I work across the different offshore energy sectors; oil and gas and offshore renewables, including wind, wave and tidal. In recent years I have specialised in offshore renewable energy and been the senior lead on the consenting of a number of UK flagship offshore renewables projects including: Hywind Scotland, the world's first floating wind array; MeyGen, the world's first tidal array and the Minesto underwater tidal kite project offshore Wales. I particularly enjoy being able to give pragmatic and practical advice to our clients as they negotiate the challenges associated with these ground breaking technologies and projects.

Best Xodus moment?
There isn't really a single moment that particularly stands out, but I do get a buzz every time we win a new renewables project or client. The long term future of the energy market in the UK will be less reliant on oil and gas and have a greater contribution from more sustainable resources. Seeing a company whose roots were in the oil and gas industry be able to adapt with the times and getting involved in the development of more sustainable energy is great.

Greatest challenge?
Our clients! But that said, without their challenges my job wouldn't be as varied and interesting as it is, and neither would I have job!

Why Xodus?
Based in the Xodus Orkney office, it’s great being able to pursue business opportunities I am passionate about, whilst living in such a fantastic rural location. The Xodus family is great to work with, engaging and innovative, with an ability to successfully deliver high quality work.