Mostafa Tantawi

Mostafa Tantawi
Principal Pipelines Engineer

What are you looking forward to at Subsea Expo?
We are looking forward to introducing our niche capability in flexible flowlines in-place analysis to the North Sea subsea market as we are seeing more and more flexible flowlines being used in the North Sea to replace aging rigid flowlines. 

What does your role cover?
My role covers the design of subsea pipelines (rigid and flexibles) through concept, FEED and detailed design stage. I specialise in pipeline in-place analyses including global buckling (lateral and upheaval), Free Span Fatigue and On-bottom roughness.

Best Xodus Moment?
Looking back at the industry over the last few years, I believe that the best Xodus moment is how we leveraged from retaining our expertise throughout the tough period by maintaining continuous support to clients. This could only be done with real value addition to projects that is appreciated by clients on multiple occasions.  

Greatest Challenge?
The greatest challenge within Xodus is to maintain the correct mindset in tackling the diversity in projects we work on. In Xodus it is typical to be working on a high level concept in the morning followed by a detailed pipeline design in the afternoon. Maintaining this balance is sometimes not easy.  

Why Xodus?
I think the type of work we do in Xodus shows nothing but a huge diversity in capabilities. As such we can offer services to our clients from the project appraisal phase all the way to execution with no or very little gaps in capabilities. I think there aren’t many companies around that can offer the full package as we do.