Nicky Waites

Nicky Waites
Principal Software Engineer

What does your role cover?
As part of the software engineering team, I’ve had the opportunity to work with almost every service at Xodus – from Environment to Vibration – to bring innovative software solutions to our clients. Our software is also used in-house to support every aspect of the company. At the moment, I lead the software development of our asset and integrity management software XAMIN. I work closely with our subsea integrity and renewables specialists to design and implement their concepts on how we can develop the best asset and integrity management solution on the market for our oil & gas and renewables clients.

Best Xodus moment?
Over the last 11 years at Xodus I have had many great moments. It’s difficult to pick out a single one but a common theme is when a new product I’ve worked on is being released. Seeing it being used by users or being covered by our marketing team after months of hard work always gives me a great buzz.

Greatest challenge?
Staring at a blank screen when starting a new project. It is always a challenge to transform someone’s vision into a real usable software product. Often, you’re working in a new unfamiliar field where there are lots of new concepts to learn but also the users themselves don’t always know what they want yet! Getting that right though does make it all the more rewarding.

Why Xodus?
I joined Xodus a year after it was formed and over the years have seen it grow and develop into the global company it is today. Throughout those years, I’ve worked with a lot of talented people on some fantastic projects and made some great friends for life who make coming to work easy.