Pete Tipler

Pete Tipler
Renewables Director

What does your role cover?
That’s easy – working with clever people from many different technical or commercial backgrounds, with many different insights and perspectives, to find win-win solutions for supply to demand energy systems.  My role is to facilitate me and my colleagues embodying the long-standing Xodus strapline of “Independent, Integrated Thinking” in what is one of the most exciting and fastest growing global industries – renewable energy. My particular strengths lie in building relationships (I love people!) and seeing opportunities to make connections between those with problems to solve and those who can provide good solutions. I should mention my breadth of experience across wave, tidal, offshore wind and hydrogen projects, as well as spending the last few years establishing Xodus Group’s successful oil and gas decommissioning business.

Best Xodus moment?
There is really nothing better than building up a trusting relationship with someone and helping them to feel good. It is the backbone of relationships across the world, whether it is the simplest of restaurant experiences, a friendship, or the feeling of a problem someone has being in safe hands. All of my best moments at Xodus have that in common; when I have been involved in rewarding the trust placed in me and my colleagues. If we all, always, do the right thing and do it well, then we will all be happier for it.

Greatest challenge?
I don’t enjoy detail. I can see the end game and some high-level milestones from the outset but whilst I can ‘do detail’ I find it a hard slog. The good thing is Xodus is formed of all kinds of different people and personality types and that means there’s always someone’s strengths we can play to.

Why Xodus?
Simply the freedom to make mistakes, the freedom to learn and the freedom to be successful. Over nearly 10 years at Xodus I have made many mistakes and had many successes. The one constant has been the trust and support of colleagues which has enabled me to have the freedom I treasure so much.