Philippe Mieussens

Philippe Mieussens
Project Manager

What does your role cover?
Since joining Xodus last year, I have been involved in a wide variety of mainly subsurface and advisory related projects. Recently, I was project manager on a fast-tracked exploration campaign in Rajasthan, India, where we had a team of more than 10 subsurface experts and worked effectively as an “outsourced exploration department”.

What made you join the subsurface team?
I joined because Xodus has a strong reputation from its dedication to quality. This also was also combined for great opportunity for me to get an exposure to both London and the North Sea activities - key locations and environments in our industry. I continue to meet great people, with lots of experience and expertise. 

What are you looking forward to at PETEX?
PETEX will be special this year. After four years of industry downturn, we all expect a higher attendance and renewed optimism at the event. I’m looking forward to meeting with new people and catching up with some former colleagues.

Best Xodus Moment:
It is always difficult to choose only one moment. However, I would say it is when the project receives positive feedback and, more importantly, when the actions taken based on our work demonstrate a clear and positive operational/production impact.

Greatest challenge:
As often in the subsurface domain, overcoming tight deadlines is often one of the biggest challenge we face as a team. The fast-tracked exploration campaign is a good example, where not only the pace was challenging but also the many hurdles we faced such as finding new prospects in a mature basin, leaving us with only the tough to get ones.