Client: DP Energy


Fair Head Tidal Energy Park Limited is a special purpose company formed by Cork based DP Marine Energy and Belgium based Bluepower NV. The company secured an Agreement of Lease (AfL) from The Crown Estate for an area of seabed approximately 1 km east of Fair Head, off the north Antrim coast, Northern Ireland. It is proposed the Fair Head Tidal project is delivered in phases, up to a maximum 100 MW.

Xodus was awarded specialist studies in fish ecology and commercial fisheries, in support of the EIA that was being undertaken / contributed to by a range of different specialists. As well as production of the ES chapters, Xodus also contributed to the Habitat Regulations Assessment (HRA) in the assessment of impacts on protected fish species and undertook consultation with local fishermen.

  • Fish ecology impact assessment and ES chapter preparation, building on the baseline work undertaken by the AFBI Fisheries and Aquatic Ecosystems Branch
  • Commercial fisheries impact assessment and ES chapter preparation, including consultation with local fishermen
  • Habitat Regulations Assessment (HRA) for fish ecology

Value Added

  • Implementation of key lessons learnt from previous tidal array EIAs in Scotland and Northern Ireland, including the neighbouring Torr Head Tidal Project
  • Experience of consulting with local fishing community from previous involvement in the neighbouring Torr Head tidal project