Client: Statoil ASA


Xodus co-ordinated the production and development of the offshore EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) and ES (Environmental Statement) and the onshore studies to support the planning application for the Hywind Scotland Pilot Park Project located in the Buchan Deep off Peterhead. The pilot park consists of 5 floating wind turbine generator units with a total capacity of 30MW and associated infrastructure and a 35 km export cable. The onshore aspects of the project included cable landfall at Peterhead via HDD, and connection to a new switchgear yard.

Xodus co-ordinated and led the completion of the project scoping report, EIA and ES, Habitats Regulations Appraisal (HRA), the Marine Licence and the Planning Application documents. The project required management of a number of subcontractors (including monthly bird and marine mammal surveys), internal specialists and had a substantial budget in the region of £1 M. As the project evolved there was a requirement for detailed consultation with Marine Scotland and the SNCBs in relation to ornithology, marine mammal, benthic and other topics to resolve issues prior to submission of the Marine Licence and EIA. In addition, Xodus assisted Statoil during the presentation of the project during a public consultation event held in Peterhead.

Approximately 20 different offshore and onshore studies were undertaken to support the consent of the project including ornithology, marine mammal ecology, commercial fish, onshore noise and shipping and navigation amongst others. The volume of work required considerable co-ordination and organisation, including co-ordination of subcontractors to ensure studies were undertaken to meet the specification of the work, meet their deadlines and were completed within budget. Xodus was commissioned by Statoil during the early developmental stages of the project to provide environmental advice. Xodus continued to provide advice and to deliver high quality project specific documents to support the consent submission throughout the EIA. The EIA was undertaken over a period of approximately 12 months; however Xodus has been involved in the project for approximately 3 years. The Marne Licence for the project was awarded in October 2015.

In addition to coordination of the EIA, Xodus also carried out an environmental constraints mapping (GIS) export cable route selection study and landfall site visits to assist with the identification of possible offshore export cable route options (25 km cable).

  • Management and co-ordination of the EIA and ES and onshore studies to support the marine licence and planning application
  • Co-ordination and facilitation of consultation meetings with Marine Scotland, JNCC, SNH and Aberdeenshire Council
  • Surveys, desk studies and impact assessments were carried out and managed as a combination of in-house and subcontracted studies
  • Provision of advice with regards to specific EIA and other consenting requirements to meet Scottish legislative requirements
  • Export cable routing and landfall assessment

Value Added

  • Xodus has considerable experience consulting and liaising with Scottish Regulators and statutory consultees over marine renewable projects
  • Xodus has considerable experience undertaking specific technical studies in-house and managing large diverse studies
  • Xodus was involved in the early developmental phases of the project and thus was familiar with the project and the requirements of Statoil
  • Xodus has strengths in ensuring marine renewable studies are targeted and focused on answering specific questions to the benefit of the project
  • Xodus has a strategic outlook of the requirements of the floating wind industry in terms of future developmental needs of full scale commercial arrays