Client: Confidential
Location: Qatar

Operator 1 required communications and power supply for their platforms that was provided from two Operator 2 operated platforms.

Power and communication was provided via a subsea composite cable that would be pulled through a J-tube and terminated topsides. Operator 2 required detailed engineering services of the J-tubes and support clamps for both platforms, as well as structural and electrical topsides modifications works.


  • Offshore site survey and J-tube location assessment
  • J-tube, DWS and subsea clamp analysis and design
  • Topsides structural modifications (walkway destruct and extension)
  • Electrical cable routing and design from JB to platform switchboard
  • Structural design of installation A-frame, vessel outriggers and hang-off steelwork.

Value added

  • Design of obscure DWS and subsea clamps (clamped to jacking teeth as opposed to traditional jacket brace)
  • Experience with offshore installation operations in the Middle East
  • Installation contractor during project.