Client: EDP Renovaveis


In 2009, Moray Offshore Renewables Ltd (MORL) won the rights to develop offshore wind in the Moray Firth. Examination of the development zone revealed that there were fewer constraints to development in the east of the zone. The development area was therefore split into the Eastern and Western development Areas. This allowed Moray East to be developed first, and development work commenced in 2010. The constraints in the western development area were due to other activities in the area (military and oil extraction). These constraints have eased over time, allowing proposals for the development of Moray West to begin in 2016.

Xodus has provided environmental and engineering support to the MORL project since 2011.

Xodus provided support during the concept and preliminary engineering phases to check for quality, identify any gaps in the work and assess the degree of concept integration between the outputs from individual work packs, which had been developed by different groups of consultants. In parallel with this Xodus also supported the project in processes such as option screening, environmental screening, risk review and scoping for FEED.

More recently (2016 - 2018) Xodus was retained to undertake EIA scoping and ES production for a new offshore licence application for Moray East and peer review the draft Moray West ES.

  • Review of the current status of concept engineering at the end of Preliminary Engineering
  • Personnel secondment into project development team
  • Design goals for Health and Safety
  • Facilitation of a Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (HIRA) workshop during concept selection
  • Hazard identification and risk assessment during concept engineering
  • Development of Rochdale (Design) Envelope for Moray East EIA
  • Personnel secondment into engineering team
  • Concept selection and engineering integration studies
  • EIA scoping to support new (Moray East) offshore licence application
  • EIA and drafting of ES to support new (Moray East) offshore licence application
  • Regulator, statutory advisors, wider stakeholder and public consultations
  • Peer review of Moray West draft Environmental Statement
Value Added
  • Multidiscipline integrated project development support
  • Integration of personnel into project development team
  • Support to consenting process based on recent experience of consenting offshore renewables projects in Scotland