Client: Repsol Nuevas Energias UK


Inch Cape Offshore Limited (ICOL) proposed offshore wind farm is located in the North Sea around 15 km off the Angus coastline, in Scotland. The site covers an area of approximately 150 km2 and will consist of turbines supported by fixed foundations and substructures. The project connects to the grid at the former Cockenzie Coal Power station in East Lothian. The project is expected to enter construction in 2020.

Xodus were the main engineering consultant on the Inch Cape offshore wind project during the concept selection (Stage 1) of the project (in 2012). Key activities included providing concept selection services and a range of development engineering services including wind turbine selection, foundations and substructure design, commissioning design and operations and maintenance analysis. Xodus also provided services associated with strategy development, array layout and health and safety.

Following this initial work to inform the concept options, Xodus facilitated an option ranking process at the end of Preliminary Engineering (Stage 2). Options were systematically assessed by work package managers, consenting team, safety and cost experts in a formal and auditable process. The objective of which was to:

• Help focus the Engineering and Consents work on a reduced number of options and a refined Rochdale Envelope; and
• Highlight for review by the senior Repsol management the recommendations made by the work package managers and consents team

  •  Development of Scope of Work for the Concept Selection phase (Stage 1) of the project
  •  Foundation and substructure concept options
  •  Commissioning assessment
  •  WTG, SCADA and condition monitoring design options
  •  Control centre options
  •  O&M strategy and requirements
  •  Current and developing communications system review
  •  Concept options (Stage 1) Report
  •  Hazard Management Report and Health and Safety risk assessment procedure (including ALARP worksheets)
  •  Project preliminary Risk Register
  •  Option ranking at the end of Preliminary Engineering (Stage 2)
Value Added
  • Engineering support from in house expertise; valued offshore engineering expereince
  •  Alignment of project participants with a common set of drivers and goals
  • Provision of a project specific decision support framework that enabled consistent, structured and auditable decision making
  • Facilitation of multi-disciplined integration; alignment between directors and engineers; and collaboration with certifying authorities with regular workshops it also enhances teambuilding