​Engineering Studies

Engineering studies for assets due to be decommissioned imminently.

Xodus provides engineering studies covering all aspects of decommissioning including subsea facilities, wells and subsurface, jacket / supporting structures and topsides.

We take an integrated approach by assembling a team of experts whose key skill sets cover structural, marine, subsea, wells, subsurface, integrity, technical safety, risk, environment, and process and facilities disciplines.

Xodus regularly carries out independent reviews of supporting engineering and study work performed by others to feed into a facility’s comparative assessment and decommissioning programme.

Engineering challenges and solutions

Ageing assets
Many offshore structures and pipelines, particularly those installed before the 1992 OSPAR agreement, have not been designed for decommissioning, presenting a significant challenge to asset owners, operators and contractors. Xodus’ experts have pre-existing knowledge of many of the ageing assets in the North Sea and other regions and can provide valuable insights.

Cost of offshore operations
Reducing costs is a key driver in decommissioning projects. Xodus can help operators realise reductions, for instance by introducing innovative engineering solutions, adopting alternative methods of deconstruction to reduce the number and size of vessels, or reducing the number of vessel days needed.

Discipline disjoint
Topside, subsea and wells decommissioning scopes often operate autonomously. Xodus’ holistic approach has achieved significant savings for clients. By managing the interfaces between different disciplines effectively we help to smooth the path to determining the optimal decommissioning strategy and schedule.

Our integrated solutions include: maintenance strategy, lifting analyses / design, geotechnical analysis of subsea structure removal, major accident hazard analysis, quantitative risk analysis, energy and emissions quantification, societal impact assessment, drill cuttings assessment, and waste management planning.

Previous experience includes:

  • Nexen Ettrick and Blackbird – subsea decommissioning FEED
  • Confidential – oil export pipeline decommissioning options screening
  • Shell Brent – subsea and pipeline decommissioning study
  • CNRI Murchison – pipeline cleaningrequirements pre/post CoP.