May 2017

Time to XAMIN a new area

Rebecca Hewlett

Rebecca Hewlett

Through our fully integrated offering, Xodus has vast experience in delivering complete commercial solutions for renewable projects through an extensive suite of capabilities from engineering and project management to technical safety and risk management services. Now, we are taking these capabilities to the next level.

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Our integrity management software tool, XAMIN (Xodus Asset Management and Integrity Network) has been operational since 2016 and was initially develop during the recent downturn to provide high-level services for major North Sea oil and gas operators as a way of lowering costs. The tool was well received from within the sector and an opportunity was identified to adapt the XAMIN system for the lower-cost base offshore renewables industry.

XAMIN can now provide operational integrity management for offshore wind, tidal, associated structures such as offshore transmission hubs and cabling. It can be used to log integrity anomalies, monitor corrosion and identify actions to be taken during subsequent inspections and maintenance operations in the field.

As a lifecycle asset tool, we believe XAMIN will benefit offshore renewable projects which can capture design, installation, testing, operating, inspection, maintenance, improving visibility of integrity issues and decommissioning information in a single system. This will reduce data losses, increase efficiency of data access, improve visibility of integrity issues and importantly for developing technology, allow the cause of these issues to be identified quicker.

XAMIN can adapt to work with the functionality and requirements of each individual asset. The practical application can be developed to fit with the processes of the company that requests it rather than forcing engineers to adapt their methods to fit within rigid software. The software is built around an asset hierarchy which allows all data to be tagged to the appropriate component as applicable which allows cross-referencing of all data and makes identification of data much simpler.

Within the operational phase, XAMIN can collate all information being measured on the asset and cross reference data to provide a complete picture of operability and integrity that can always be viewed. Once collated, data can be used to benchmark design assumptions and then reduce safety margins or increase field life. We are experienced in running simulations in parallel with live data and see fatigue life of dynamic cables or mooring chains as a perfect fit for this type of application. Monitoring of KPIs from live data can, in some cases, allow early identification of issues allowing intervention to take place before failure reducing downtime. With inspection and maintenance, XAMIN will host the entire integrity cycle reducing interfaces, increasing efficiency and reducing reporting lags.

XAMIN hosts the risk-based inspection, schedules inspections, hosts workpacks and task lists as well as providing a portal for recording of installation results directly into the system from on board the inspection vessel. It captures, reviews and ranks the anomalies and then provides actions to resolve issues or ensure continued integrity.

At Xodus, we are ideally placed to provide this solution. Our engineering team is experienced in integrity management, design, operational support and installation with an in-house software team that works together with engineers to provide efficient solutions. We believe this approach is ideal for the developing renewables market where assets are varied and, in some cases, still in the testing phases.

We have recently formed a partnership with Orkney based Green Marine where XAMIN will be utilised to capture and monitor live data from offshore marine assets and Green Marine will provide the physical offshore inspection and repair services. The one-stop solution aims to streamline an asset’s performance, providing efficiencies and preventing downtime, targeting offshore wind, tidal and wave devices and cabling. We believe XAMIN will improve the visibility of integrity issues and the partnership with Green Marine means that any anomalies can be inspected and dealt with before they grow into a major issue.

It is also perfect for new assets and the renewables sector can learn lessons from the oil and gas industry where poor data management is causing problems when identifying component condition or proving life extension. If the operator has centralised data management from the outset, failure modes can be identified, which removes doubt from fault investigations.

Both companies believe there is a gap in the market for a truly joined up integrity maintenance service and our partnership will deliver efficiencies with significant impact for the management and monitoring of subsea marine assets. We can help operators gain a better understanding of their components and reduce risk and downtime.

Find out more information on stand ORK29 at All-Energy 2017. Malcolm Bowie, Xodus consultant will also be presenting on ‘Floating wind: Mooring system design and life cycle integrity’ on Thursday (May 11) at 14.35 on the show floor at All-Energy 2017.