February 2016

Xodus to launch new asset lifecycle tool at Subsea Expo

Piping and pipeline condition monitoring is crucial to ensure safety and maintain integrity. Damage caused by vibration, erosion and corrosion is responsible for an estimated 35% of all piping and pipeline failures.

Xodus Group has developed a new secure web app HAWXEYE to allow operators to focus on investigating and preventing failures rather than locating and analysing the data.

Graeme Rogerson, operations director at Xodus Group said: “Monitoring the condition of piping and pipelines is crucial, particularly as seemingly small changes can rapidly lead to large-scale damage. We conducted research with operators which showed that spreadsheets, the most common method of storing asset data, add complexity and frustration to the ability to screen and prevent failures.”

Designed by engineers for engineers, HAWXEYE can be used by any organisation facing vibration, corrosion or erosion issues in difficult to reach equipment, which is a costly issue for the industry.

The user simply enters operating data and data from Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&IDs) into a user-friendly interface. HAWXEYE screens the data against the latest industry standards, highlights likelihood of failures and enables preventative action.

Rogerson added: “This new system means decisions can be made to prevent issues escalating. Industry standards and guidelines are built-in, which is more efficient and the data is fully traceable. We’re looking forward to presenting this new solution at Subsea Expo.”

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Xodus to launch new asset lifecycle tool at Subsea Expo
Graeme Rogerson, operations director, introduces Xodus' new asset lifecycle screening app – HAWXEYE