Xodus Group’s technical expertise and commercial insight help to deliver efficient, cost-effective offshore renewable projects.

Finding experts who can deliver authoritative, in-depth advice and analysis at the conceptual stage is not easy. It is even harder to find non-deskbound experts who combine smart thinking with practical experience of hands-on engineering, and the ability to balance risk and financial pressures.

Fortunately Xodus offers a reassuring combination: the analytical tools and methodologies to scope and model a project, together with the practical expertise to support project managers during the project lifecycle. Throughout, our experts help to maintain the focus on real-world economics and your specific business goals.


What sets Xodus apart is our integration. At each stage in the process we can rely on multidisciplinary input from in-house professionals who have built up years of experience in the renewable and oil and gas industries covering safety and risk, environmental impact, geotechnics, subsea engineering, offshore structural engineering and integrity management and due diligence.

Our experts also work with a network of internationally respected specialists. This incisively strategic approach unites all these skills into a single, highly refined instrument. Every new project is tackled from a multi-faceted perspective – a combination of breadth and depth unique in the industry.

Creating focus

Any major offshore project is fraught with challenges. The range of possibilities is often overwhelming, the conceptual framework alone equivalent to a vast jigsaw of alternative options.

Xodus helps clients manage risk and focus on the key issues – not just the important technical and commercial concerns, but also factors such as corporate governance and supply-chain management. Our specialists use a range of in-house decision-making tools to facilitate structured engineering judgement, from interactive modules and workshops to advanced simulation and modelling techniques. The result? A detailed breakdown of project requirements that never loses sight of the big picture.

Delivering value

Our focused project management, supported by our quality management system, has been refined throughout the delivery of millions of manhours of project work delivered across the offshore sector. ‘Efficient’, ‘cost-effective’, ‘timely’, ‘quality’, and ‘communicative’ are watchwords of our attitude to delivering value. That’s why Xodus is trusted by offshore renewables developers, offshore technology developers, research institutions, investors and public-sector institutions for authoritative analysis and advice.

Our environmental, technical risk and engineering services combined with years of experience in the oil and gas sector means that our people are capable of meeting the most acute needs in the rapidly evolving marine renewables sector. Our team is truly multidisciplinary and the integration of our skills and services is what sets Xodus apart.