Offshore Wind

As the demand for offshore wind energy grows, we find ourselves expanding our technological capabilities as we venture into deeper waters.

Floating Wind
Investment in Floating wind is growing, and Xodus are poised to become a leading company in this area through our extensive knowledge and considerable experience in Wind Farm projects. 

We offer a niche service to our clients in this sector through our expertise in Floating cable and mooring line analysis as well as practical knowledge of field layout engineering and the installation challenges associated with this new technology. 

Xodus has a substantial track record in Offshore Wind and already has experience with Floating Wind technologies.  Alongside our existing subsea capability in offshore floating systems, we have the technical expertise and commercial insight help to deliver efficient, cost-effective offshore floating wind projects.

Services we offer:

  • Dynamic Loading Analysis for subsea cables and mooring lines
  • Mooring line and anchor design
  • Foundation design (Piled, Suction pile and gravity-based)
  • Vibration Analysis
  • Field development including layouts and cable approaches
  • Cable trenching and burial analysis
  • Cable Engineering
  • Procurement Support
  • Construction Support
  • Installation management

Fixed Wind
Xodus has a substantial track record with traditional fixed wind farm design and currently provide engineering services for many of the top tier Renewable Energy providers in the UK and further globally. We specialise in cable routing and design including installation analysis, cable trenching and burial.

Our team of highly experienced specialists can provide our clients with bespoke, cost-effective engineering solutions for a range of services including:

  • Foundation Design (Piled, Suction pile and gravity-based)
  • Jacket Design
  • Power Cable Design
  • Cable Installation Analysis Incl. trenching and burial
  • Field Development 
  • Procurement Support
  • Construction Support
  • Installation Management

Offshore Wind Integrity Management
XAMIN, Xodus Group’s Integrity Management software has been operational since 2016 and currently provides high level services for major UK North Sea Oil and Gas Operators.

Xodus aims to use the XAMIN platform to provide Operational Integrity Management for Offshore Wind Structures and Cabling. This program can be used to log integrity anomalies, monitor corrosion and identify actions to be taken during subsequent inspections and maintenance operations in the field.