Cables & Interconnectors

Xodus offers engineering, environmental, project / package management and advisory services from early stage development through design, procurement, construction / installation, operations and maintenance, to decommissioning.

Delivering successful power interconnector, offshore wind, tidal and wave projects involving submarine cable systems demands rigorous risk management and know-how in multiple technical disciplines. Our experts guide owners, investors, banks and lenders, and contractors involved in the submarine power cable market worldwide.

Integrated multidisciplinary approach
Xodus seamlessly combines a detailed engineering and environmental capability with asset management, risk-based integrity management, planning and operations management all under one roof. We offer years of experience on diverse projects that enables us to identify potential issues and highlight areas for improvement and value-add, preventing costly issues later in the asset lifecycle.  Our technical, environmental, commercial and strategic expertise allows us to manage the full life-cycle integrity of assets by delivering rigorously engineered and cost-efficient solutions.

Key services

Engineering, environment and planning, procurement and installation management
Our subsea engineering specialists bring deep understanding of seabed conditions, the marine environment, the environmental and planning playing field, and the supply chain to submarine cable projects. Their expertise covers feasibility, project development, design and procurement, installation and operational support. 

Expert Technical Services
Applying our knowledge and experience to develop high value-add tools is a cornerstone of our services; this includes specialist metocean modelling and analysis through tools such as XMET, WebGIS systems tailormade for your project, and asset and integrity monitoring with XAMINE.

Asset integrity management
Ensuring maximum value for owners and investors demands a clear focus on integrity throughout the asset lifecycle. Our independent risk-based approach to the technical and commercial challenges of integrity management gives clients confidence that their assets will operate predictably in demanding environments. 

Advisory services
Clients call on our experienced advisors to carry out due diligence and expert witness services, and to provide contractor management, Health, Safety & Environment (HS&E) support, technical advice in contract dispute matters and insurance partnering.