UKCS Compliance

Xodus Group provides specialist input to support creation, maintenance or revision of your permits.

Managing your operational compliance with regulatory requirements does not have to be a burden. In line with the Xodus philosophy, management procedures should contribute to and enhance operational processes. 

Whether obtaining permits and consents, organising environmental management training or tracking and reporting your emissions, Xodus always takes an integrated approach based on a thorough understanding of your business objectives.

Virtually all projects, large or small, require environmental permits. Xodus provides specialist input to support creation, maintenance or revision of your environmental permit and consent applications, from exploration and site selection through to decommissioning.

We can help you obtain licences for onshore and offshore operations, particularly in the oil and gas industry but our expertise extends to other industries.

By anticipating and addressing permit requirements early in the project planning process, through to helping identify required changes when planned and unplanned events occur, we help you develop and maintain a comprehensive permit strategy and implementation plan.

A team with a difference

  • A proactive approach from highly skilled technical experts retained by Xodus since day one of UK oil and gas environmental permitting
  • People who prepare permits and provide technical support on a daily basis, including advising clients on any upcoming changes that may have an impact on the industry
  • Environmental consultants on long-term secondments, providing permitting support to clients, have brought their knowledge and experience back to inform the in-house team
  • Involved in testing the Portal Tracking Environment System (PETS) including the Master Application Template (MAT) and Subsidiary Application Template (SAT)
  • Technical authors and providers of the Oil & Gas UK Environmental Legislation Register.

Year-round responsiveness

With Xodus it isn’t just about what we do, but how we do it. Our clients do not come to us purely for quality and experience, but also for our ability to respond quickly and effectively. Our core team of compliance consultants responds to routine requests on a daily basis but also has the capacity to handle emergency permits and variations at short notice. We offer on-call consultancy over busy holiday periods, such as Christmas and New Year, to ensure your operations can continue.

Strength and breadth

Xodus has a dedicated team of compliance specialists with a combined experience of many decades. This strength in depth, including the support from our wider team of environmental consultants, drillers and engineers, positions us well for the routine and non-routine challenges faced by industry.

Software solutions

Xodus has developed software that assists clients in managing the critically important tasks of tracking the lifecycle of each permit and submitting the necessary deliverables on time. We have developed in-house technology to support the streamlining of our processes in close collaboration with our software engineers. Our range of compliance management tools include permit preparation; chemical, atmospheric, oil discharge, waste tracking and reporting.

We are members of Oil & Gas UK and have representatives on a number of industry forums and workgroups including environment, decommissioning, seabed sensitivity and oil spill.