Flow Assurance

A detailed understanding of flow assurance performance and risk is critical to optimising the performance of operating assets with subsea or pipeline infrastructure.

Using steady-state and transient approaches, combined with sophisticated simulation and modelling tools, we provide our clients with operational support to keep their products flowing. Extensive experience of the methods available for tuning transient models to match reality enables our engineers to provide accurate, reproducible results that can be used to analyse and optimise operational systems.

Production management tools, purpose built by Xodus, correlate simulated with real-time data to provide fast, effective solutions for enhanced monitoring and optimisation of challenging subsea developments. In turn, this allows operators and engineers to make informed decisions in the areas that directly benefit the asset’s productivity, stability and availability.

Our flow assurance expertise is based on an in-depth understanding of fluid behaviour, including fluid rheology, hydrate prediction and mitigation, wax deposition, PVT characterisation and other production chemistry issues. Better still, all our engineers have a good understanding of the impact of transient analysis on topside infrastructure – they are trained to recognise the constraints that may be imposed by existing platform or terminal equipment.