Integrated Production Modelling

Xodus Group’s integrated approach to enhancing hydrocarbon production and optimising fluid flow in the well and production system.

Integrated Production Modelling (IPM) spans many disciplines and incorporates information from many sources: reservoir, subsea, pipelines, flow assurance, facilities and process engineering, as well as costing, schedules, cash flow and economics. IPM is a time- and cost-effective technique for assessing and optimising field concepts, including well counts, well phasing, subsea configuration, process configuration, compression timing and expert line sizing.

When analysing development options, our preferred software seamlessly integrates system flow assurance with subsurface deliverability and projected topside constraints for all options under consideration.

Once an IPM model has been developed it can be used as a benchmark change management tool during the execution phase of a development project, helping the management team to understand the full impact of planned changes.

Once the execution phase is complete, we can also help companies evaluate their operational activities by using real-time modelling within the IPM framework to compare actual with theoretical system performance – an approach that swiftly optimises hydrocarbon delivery.