System Optimisation

Xodus helps clients optimise systems at every stage in the asset lifecycle, providing continuity from the germination of a prospect idea through to decommissioning.

From the reservoir to the point of sale, Xodus has the specialist knowledge needed to ensure that production is maintained at its highest potential and that losses are quantified and assessed. We provide operations support for reservoir and geoscience issues, helping clients plan their drilling and well testing operations. Our 3D reservoir simulations of mature fields provide invaluable planning parameters for optimising productivity. From the most detailed subsurface support, we integrate our flow assurance and process dynamics skill sets to provide true integrated production modelling expertise.

In facilities optimisation, we combine flow assurance, production chemistry, erosion assessment, CFD and vibration engineering to solve even the most complex of flow related problems. Add to that the specialist process, rotating equipment, material and structural expertise we have in-house, and we can supply a uniquely tailored team to look in detail at the operating issues constraining any facility, from subsea assets and offshore fixed and floating installations to onshore terminals.

Integrating the management of maintenance activities on an asset with facilities optimisation studies provides an opportunity to further enhance performance. Xodus has developed a proprietary software application, XMAINT, to make the analysis and management of maintenance data more transparent, accessible and efficient.

Optimisation toolset
Our simulation toolset includes these and other analytical tools that are used to assess problems in a broad range of disciplines: Eclipse, Petrel, Crystal Ball, Kingdom 2D / 3D, PROSPER, GAP, PIPESIM, OLGA, PVTsim / Multiflash, SESAM, FS2000, Orcaflex, ADMS4, GIS, OSCAR, Que$tor, PHAST, HYSYS (Steady State and Dynamics), RAMOP, Star CCD / CFX, Faultree, ABAQUS, PDMS, and ANSYS.