Integrity Management

To ensure maximum value for investors and operators throughout the lifecycle of an asset, a clear focus on integrity must be maintained from conceptual engineering to cessation of production.

For Greenfield projects, safety considerations, workflow efficiency, and standardised interfaces should be built into the design process from the start to ensure that they are cost effective to complete and that the assets can be maintained for longer periods when they begin operations.

For existing assets, on-going safety, efficiency and operability are becoming increasingly significant issues as regulatory frameworks in many parts of the world become more stringent; and as life extension demands increase it is critical to determine the Basis of Limitations (BoL) for Brownfield tie-ins.

Developing and maintaining an Asset Integrity Management System (AIMS) that is applied effectively from the appraise stage through to the execute stage of a project and through the entire operating life of the asset is critical. An effective AIMS embodies safety, operability, productivity and predictability to maximise uptime and protect investments over the entire asset lifecycle.