AspenTech ISP (Australia and New Zealand)

AspenTech.gif#asset:2685Xodus Group is the upstream oil and gas Implementation Service Provider (ISP) in Australia and New Zealand for AspenTech, the leading global supplier of process manufacturing software.

Through the partnership, Xodus Group specialists in Perth W.A. develop engineering solutions, using their expertise in process simulation and optimisation, to deliver tangible results for clients. They also provide support to AspenTech on process software development solutions and training.

We help organisations to identify and implement solutions that address their business needs using the AspenONE software suite. Its software solutions involve predictive modelling packages such as HYSYS and HYSYS Dynamics, as well as real-time process monitoring packages using additional AspenTech offerings such as Aspen Custom Modeller, Plant View and Process Explorer.

All areas of the software lifecycle are covered including planning and implementation of entirely new solutions, managing and developing existing models and systems, and integrating AspenTech products with in-house or third-party software.

Leveraging our extensive domain-specific experience in the upstream oil and gas sector, we help clients de-risk and speed up the implementation of new software solutions. We also provide ongoing technical support to ensure that users gain the maximum benefit from AspenTech products.

Experience examples:

  • Integrated production modelling tool that uses a detailed and validated HYSYS model of APLNG gas processing facilities and distribution network coupled with an Excel based user interface. The model allows operations in the APLNG supply chain to be analysed and optimised which helps to minimise costs and maximise gas utilisation, develop and model operational scenarios and future production, and identify and rectify bottlenecks. Read the press release ›
  • Coupled HYSYS–PIPESIM model of an integrated topsides and wet gas / liquid pipelines network. By combining the process and flow assurance models into a single master HYSYS model with automated model inputs and outputs, turnaround times were reduced from months to days.
  • Use of HYSYS Dynamics for hi-fidelity simulation of specialist processes such as centrifugal compressor anti-surge control and fast stop analysis, accurate blowdown metal temperature predictions, and start up and shutdown sequencing.