HAZOP Studies & Application

Xodus Group promotes an organised and responsible approach to process risk management.

Xodus provides an impartial, open and transparent Hazard and Operability (HAZOP) study service. Guided by accredited HAZOP chairmen with vast experience in the global oil and gas industry, our HAZOP teams systematically examine your process systems and operations to identify and evaluate all potential problems that may present risks to personnel or equipment, or may prevent efficient operation.

Using a structured approach based on a set of guide-words customised for the specific process system, our HAZOP teams study deviations from normal process conditions. They identify and evaluate their likely consequences, assess risks and then confirm / recommend suitable measures to prevent, detect, contain or mitigate against any potentially hazardous outcomes. The minutes of the studies are fully recorded by a scribe.

Our HAZOP service can continue beyond completion of the study. We can provide additional follow-up to ensure the recommended measures are tracked and successfully applied.

Fast-track your HAZOP review
Our Process Hazard Review (PHR) service is a “fast HAZOP” solution. PHRs focus on major accident hazards and are driven by Xodus’ pre-existing checklists. Issues are identified rapidly; typically in 20% of the time taken for a full HAZOP study.


  • Xodus has an established list of HAZOP chairmen approved by BP, Chevron, Maersk, Nexen, Shell, TAQA, Total, Marathon Oil, etc.
  • The Xodus approach is multidisciplinary – we use our company-wide specialists from disciplines including Environment, Process & Facilities and Subsea, throughout the study process and follow-up
  • With no conflicts of interest or hidden agenda, our recommendations are 100% impartial
  • Our chairmen provide additional support with bow tie analysis, Hazard Analysis (HAZAN), Hazard Identification (HAZID), Layers Of Protection Analysis (LOPA) and Safety Integrity Level (SIL) measurement.