Risk & Uncertainty

A recurring theme of Xodus is the management of risk and uncertainty.

Xodus is well placed to manage your business, technical safety and environmental risks.

Recognising the enormous prize that is potentially available to any project by engaging risk and uncertainty management from the outset has led to the creation of our Value, Decision and Risk Management (RDM) team and techniques. They are dedicated to delivering project value.

Our RDM team works to ensure that risks are managed throughout the project lifecycle. Standard techniques such as classic risk management, HAZOP, HAZID, LOPA, FMECA and ENVID are employed to manage threats and evaluate available opportunities. Specialist techniques such as probabilistic cost and schedule risk management, along with our decision support tools, further enhance our offering.

Many decisions can be made using simple rationale but our clients are frequently faced with diverse and conflicting criteria when selecting the ideal way to implement a project. Our focus is to simplify and inform the decision-making process using our VDRM techniques and our expertise. Together they promote an expedient, flexible, robust and auditable decision-making process. As a result, clients benefit from a balanced view of all business drivers and the impact of decisions on the whole project.