Risk & Decision Management

Xodus takes an integrated approach to risk management.

As your project develops from initial prospect status into a committed investment, numerous decisions are made at the strategic and operational levels. Without a robust decision making process, your project could be exposed to the threat of value erosion from:

  • Wrong decisions – not aligned with the wider project objectives
  • Wrong decisions – leading to wrong outcomes
  • Late decisions
  • Inconsistent decisions.

Many decisions can be taken using simple rationale. Others require more complex processes and for these we can offer you our Risk & Decision Management process. By using our specially developed RDM tools and techniques our clients benefit from:

  • Increased communication between project participants
  • A balanced view of all business drivers (cost, time, performance) and the impact of decisions on the whole project
  • An expedient, flexible, robust and auditable decision making process
  • Confidence, clarity and consistency in decisions.

RDM offers a systematic and auditable way of reviewing activities and identifying risks. By presenting risk profiles and appropriate mitigation measures to managers effectively and persuasively, you can be sure your projects and operations will meet ALARP criteria. Advice can be offered in specialist areas such as:

  • Cost risk analysis
  • Schedule risk analysis
  • Threat and opportunity management
  • Decision analysis
  • Value assurance
  • Value control
  • Risk training.

Specialist software used includes:

  • XRISK – web-based risk management tool developed by Xodus Group experts in technical safety and risk
  • Decision Tools Suite – developed by Palisade
  • Primavera Risk Analysis – developed by Oracle.