Detailed Design

Our emphasis on teamwork means the understanding of your requirements built up during the development phase continues to accumulate as the same team focuses on your detailed requirements.

Our priorities are to make sure your assets are properly manufactured, safely installed, and last for their forecast lifetimes.

Achieving fitness-for-purpose takes in-depth work; producing functional system specifications, engineering drawings and carrying out regular design reviews.

Our integrated approach pays dividends as even the most experienced and thorough design team cannot foresee all the complexities or eventualities encountered during construction, installation and operational phases. Which is why our designers are kept up-to-date about fabrication yard and installation requirements, as well as regularly receiving and analysing feedback from our SURF product delivery and operations specialists.

Our expertise includes:

  •  Flow assurance
  • Materials selection
  • Detailed design analysis
  • Riser system optimisation
  • Installation analysis and procedural support
  • Spool / jumper stress analysis
  • Flow induced/vibration induced fatigue screening
  • Detailed Upheaval Buckling (UHB) analysis
  • Subsea control packages
  • Mechanical design of rigid pipeline systems
  • Structural design
  • Verification of third-party designs
  • Specialist geotechnical and geophysical support
  • Deepwater.