Managing Your Data

Xodus helps organisations in the upstream oil and gas industry to manage information overload with smart, value-adding solutions.

Xodus has extensive experience of gathering, quality controlling and reorganising large datasets for organisations in the upstream oil and gas industry. Our experts’ background in the field of geosciences, petrophysics, reservoir engineering and production technology guarantees smart solutions that enhance the end user experience, saving project downtime and taking care of one of the most valuable assets companies possess: their data.

Dataset and portfolio preparation

Our dataset and portfolio preparation service focuses on giving our clients the answers, whenever they need them. We have experience in:

  • Dataset and portfolio preparation after change of ownership
  • Data preparation for data rooms
  • Project archiving and handovers
  • Knowledge transfer solutions.

Xodus’ expertise covers most commercial packages with a focus on integration and collaboration solutions that help companies take their data to the next level. We have a proven track record of transforming multi-terabyte chaotic data portfolios following major mergers and acquisitions into well organised and structured project databases.

Key services

  • Construction of data inventory checklists and data gap summaries
  • Data quality flags and quality control performed by geoscience, petrophysical, reservoir engineering and production experts
  • Post-loading object annotation and organisation
  • Creation of links to external documents to enhance integration
  • Organisation and clean-up of production databases
  • Computation of Microsoft Excelbased macros to analyse and quickly screen production data
  • Computation and regular update of geo-referenced dashboards to quickly visualise large production datasets
  • Production data real-time monitoring solutions
  • Pressure Volume Temperature (PVT) database construction and quality control
  • Construction of core, image log, completion databases
  • Mature field management and database inputs for barrel-chasing projects
  • Project initialisation and archiving
  • Setup of multi-user interactive database environment to foster integration between users and disciplines
  • Data / project management audits.