Production Technology

Achieving well lifecycle objectives demands wide-ranging support.

Xodus provides specialist production technology support for challenges such as wellbore damage, scale inhibition, well completion, artificial lift, water remediation treatments and well performance trouble-shooting.

In addition, Xodus engineers have extensive knowledge and experience in extreme well conditions including challenging fluid environments, high pressures and temperatures and the application of exotic materials.

As part of an integrated wells and subsurface consultancy, our wells and systems performance analysis is crucial to optimising field off-take. The development of both integrated asset and integrated production models allows key decisions to be made at the development phase, enabling the future delivery of production to be optimised.

Our independence underpins the services we provide by ensuring that clients benefit from engineering services geared to the best solutions.

Unconventional issues such as beam pump and cavity pump performance, coal fines production or near borehole shale collapse, open-hole completion or plastic perforated liners, are dealt with by consultants with direct experience in these areas.

With immediate access to in-house subsea, pipelines and facilities engineering services, Xodus is unique in offering complete flow assurance from the reservoir to the landing terminal.

Capabilities include:

Well Engineering

  • Detailed completion design
  • Drilling engineering
  • Development well concept select
  • Reservoir geomechanics.

Well Lifecycle Risk Management

  • Well integrity management
  • Production availability analysis
  • Well flow assurance risk
  • Well QRA analysis.

Production Technology

  • Fully integrated asset modelling
  • Sand-face completion design and sand management
  • Artificial lift design
  • Detailed well performance modelling (steady state and dynamic).

Production Engineering

  • Well production optimisation
  • Integrated field management – full field optimisation
  • Scale and corrosion management (production chemistry)
  • Reservoir stimulation.


  • Well design and well testing
  • Pilot production design and execution
  • Resource and reserve booking.


  • Drilling optimisation
  • Completion design
  • Facilities and whole field solution planning
  • Reserve planning.

Xodus can assist with:

  • Exploration
  • Basin identification and prospect generation
  • Licence application support
  • Well objective setting
  • Data evaluation and resource estimating.