Reservoir Engineering

Xodus Group reservoir services are comprehensive – covering exploration well test interpretation for new discoveries, through to complete 3D reservoir simulation of mature fields.

Services are geared to the commercial realities faced by our clients so, once data is gathered, our reservoir engineers provide rapid, accurate advice and assistance in every aspect of reservoir appraisal with the aim of minimising the path to development.

Large and small-scale projects alike are important to us. From a well test analysis on a fading production well to representation on a data room for a critical farm-in or acquisition, we can provide the appropriate level of expertise. The rigorous, independent approach we take to estimating reserves and assessing the technical input parameters produces clearly presented, reliable results.

The same approach is taken to maximising reserves. This might be through enhanced recovery methods or simply by altering an existing development plan.

Our independence ensures we use the best available technology and we are flexible enough to use clients’ in-house technology where that fits best. Ultimately we aim to deliver robust solutions that can be used to make crucial business decisions.

Capabilities include:

  • Reservoir engineering
  • Well test interpretation
  • Appraisal strategies
  • Data acquisition programme
  • Reservoir simulation
  • Reserve estimates
  • Reservoir performance and infill opportunities
  • Enhanced oil recovery (EOR)
  • Data rooms
  • Development planning
  • Production enhancement
  • Reserve audits
  • Competent Persons Reporting (CPR) support.