Assessment During Commissioning

Xodus Group provides pipework, machinery and structural vibration support services to quickly assess the condition of equipment.

The majority of pipework and structural vibration concerns occur first during plant commissioning or early operations. More than one in five hydrocarbon pipework releases are due to vibration-induced fatigue.

By using experience-based visual and measurement surveys during the commissioning phase, Xodus’ vibration experts assess pipework integrity risk and the general condition of rotating machinery. We then identify short and long term mitigation measures that allow commissioning and early operations to continue.

Vibration engineering expertise

Our vibration engineering experts specialise in the assessment of vibration-induced fatigue in pipework and structures, including interaction with machinery, control valves and environmental loading. We work with clients early in the design phase, right through to construction, commissioning and operations, including debottlenecking.

Xodus’ engineers were instrumental in developing the industry standard energy institute guidelines for pipework vibration assessment.

Our specialists provide:

  • Experience-based, site visual surveys and reporting
  • Detailed site measurements including vibration, stress, pressure pulsation, modal analysis and operating deflection shapes
  • Set-up and coordination of anomaly management databases
  • Troubleshooting
  • Specification and installation of intrinsically safe monitoring system, including Distributed Control Systems (DCS) data
  • Office based pipework vibration screening assessments
  • Detailed finite element analysis for both pipework and structures, subject to a broad range of process, machinery and environmental loading
  • Risk mitigation and vibration control identification and technical support
  • Pipework vibration awareness and measurement and assessment training courses