Project Management

Our experts' backgrounds span the theoretical, analytical and practical, giving us the ability to develop solutions from conceptual stage all the way to execution.

In addition to conventional drilling, testing, completion and well intervention operations, Xodus Wells brings worldwide onshore and offshore experience in specific domains such as High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) wells and deepwater operations.


  • Technical expertise from a single, highly integrated source
  • Reduced number of interfaces
  • Shorter project lead times
  • Design and analysis expertise supported by execution experience
  • A blend of local knowledge and international operating and management standards
  • Proactive management and mitigation of risk through comprehensive and robust project management practices and well established processes
  • A focus on total project delivery, not solely on the component part for which we are accountable; client interests are always at the heart of what we deliver
  • Support from other Xodus resources including safety, risk management, environmental, subsurface, subsea and process engineering.


Our suite of policies, procedures, technical tools and methodologies can be customised for each particular well type, reducing the inherent financial and safety risks involved. Rather than assuming 'everything will go well', we consider all eventualities and undertake extensive contingency planning. Planning stage activities:

  • Establishing a team of dedicated and competent people
  • Structured planning with extensive upfront engineering, risk assessment and contingency plans
  • Identifying a rig that is suitably equipped and fully inspected
  • Developing a good understanding and constructive relationships with project stakeholders
  • Establishing communications systems that promote team work
  • Early engagement of the key service suppliers to bring them into the integrated team
  • Supply chain management with strong focus on Quality Assurance (QA)
  • Establishing and/or bridging the project reference documents
  • Tendering and contract management services.

Execution stage activities

  • Integration with subsurface disciplines, operations and asset management, technical safety and risk management
  • Health, safety and environmental management and supervision
  • Well operations management and supervision covering drilling, testing and completion
  • Online reporting
  • Supply chain and logistics management and supervision
  • Real-time cost and schedule management, information and projections
  • Inspections and audits to confirm compliance with policies and procedures
  • Liaison with regulators to ensure compliance
  • Contingency planning and emergency response management
  • Crucial support services such as geomechanics updates, pore pressure analysis, mud and cementing optimisation, environmental and waste management, blow-out modelling and well flow dynamics are provided by specialised resources.