XMAINT – Maintenance Data Management


XMAINT achieves significant cost savings and improves the quality and consistency of data.

Xodus Group’s proprietary application makes the analysis and management of maintenance data more transparent, accessible and efficient. Significant savings are a result of completing activities faster using XMAINT’s highly intuitive interface combined with its advanced toolset for creating maintenance data. XMAINT also identifies gaps, omissions and anomalies in existing maintenance. Its risk-based, work order backlog reduction process leads to cost effective and auditable backlog management.

Advantages for users:

  • Automate maintenance development for similar equipment
  • Duplicate preventive maintenance data from one tag to another
  • Modify maintenance easily
  • Reduce time spent producing specific tasks by using XMAINT’s library of generic tasks
  • Find, copy and modify maintenance tasks for use on similar equipment types
  • Import data easily with automated data quality validation
  • Intuitive maintenance development tools such as points based criticality, and drag and drop hierarchy
  • Highlight maintenance gaps and omissions.

Maintenance capabilities
XMAINT’s innovative and practical design results from our engineers’ hands-on maintenance expertise. Our maintenance capability covers complete greenfield Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS) builds, brownfield maintenance reviews and CMMS audits.

Xodus typically provides support for:

  • Criticality studies
  • Equipment hierarchy development
  • PMRs, job plans and task list creation
  • PM and maintenance plan development
  • Maintenance strategies and procedures
  • Identification of no scheduled maintenance equipment
  • Routes and object lists
  • Data cleansing
  • Risk-based work order backlog review
  • Five year forecast plan of maintenance
  • Critical spares analysis
  • Temporary work order generation and history recording system.

Maintenance development services can be carried out in-house or at the clients’ premises. Clients are also welcome to form part of the team within Xodus’ premises for specific projects.

Technical integrity and maintenance audits
XMAINT has a specific module that is used to manage technical integrity and maintenance audits. The functionality allows all of the work scope for an audit to be specified. As the on-site audit progresses, any non-conformities are identified and recorded. Actions may be assigned to the non-conformities and their progress tracked and monitored within XMAINT. This provides a secure, accurate and auditable record of the audit, and is backed-up by Xodus personnel who are suitably qualified to carry out these audits.