XPLORE – Production Monitoring


XPLORE is an app created by Xodus Group for upstream oil and gas operators to collect, process and deliver accurate production and equipment data.

XPLORE collects
Independent of all control systems, plant historians and simulation packages, XPLORE collects existing production and simulation data in real-time. Using industry-standard Object Linking and Embedding for Process Control (OPC) communication protocols, XPLORE can connect to any source making it the one place to store and view all data.

Data sources can include:

  • Distributed Control System (DCS) or SCADA systems
  • Data historians e.g. PI System
  • System packages e.g. Bently Nevada
  • Simulations e.g. HYSYS, OLGA
  • Databases e.g. Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS)
  • Manual inputs (where data is not available via an interface).

XPLORE processes
XPLORE allows you to interrogate the raw data and apply engineering calculations, providing real-time, historic and near future engineering data that’s unavailable via DCS or SCADA systems.

Data is processed by an internal calculation module (a library of standard and customised calculations) or by XPLORE Simulation Manager (XSM), which performs advanced dynamic process simulations using industry-standard packages such as HYSYS, OLGA, PIPESIM, PROSPER, GAP, UniSim, Compas and Multiflash.

XPLORE delivers
XPLORE processes raw data to deliver a powerful, near real-time picture of your operations, allowing you to take the right course of action at the right time and meet your operational targets. All calculation results are viewed via the XPLORE visual interface, a collection of customised web pages built using Microsoft ASP.NET technologies. Once the framework is installed, all you need to access XPLORE over your corporate intranet is a web browser. No downloads, no plug-ins. And upgrades are simultaneous for all users.

You can select from a range of graphics, tags, trends and plots to view a secure, online picture of your operations. Data can be exported into Microsoft Excel for further analysis. XPLORE offers more than just data visualisation. By applying Boolean logic to your data, XPLORE can become a powerful diagnostic tool generating alarms, instructions and emails sent directly to operators and engineers.