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Together, we will deliver a responsible energy future

Responsibility is multi-faceted. It can mean different things to different people. For Xodus, a big part of this is about the responsibility we have to the people who engage with us – you, our team, our stakeholders and our clients. But it goes even deeper than that; it’s about the impacts we make in the communities we live and work and the places we go to do business. The standards we adhere to and importantly, the things we choose not to do.

We’re responsible for giving valuable advice to clients and building trust with them. Striving for excellence, efficiency and flexibility. Bringing them innovation. Being the best we can be.

To our team, we have a responsibility to be a fair and inclusive employer, providing safety and security and creating opportunities and a solid career path. This impacts on our processes – flexible working, supporting wellbeing and mental health and providing systems and tools to enable our experts to work effectively.

For our shareholders, we have a responsibility to build a positive reputation and support profitability. Within our communities, we want to make a positive contribution, be that through graduate recruitment, paying the living wage or supporting STEM initiatives. For the industries we work in, we want to influence positively and actively contribute our leadership views on prominent issues from decarbonisation and energy transition to innovation and digitalisation.

Adhering to the UN’s Global Compact and Sustainability Development Goals, we are accountable through sustainability pathways, materiality review and our gender pay gap reporting. We take responsibility for where we do business, considering social performance, political context and choosing our partners carefully. We’ll make informed decisions about what we won’t get involved in and have conviction in our rationale.

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