An interview with… Andy Logan

andy logan

Your Technical Discipline – Renewables advisory – market insights, supply chain, and industry development
Years in Industry – 8
Years with Xodus – 2

What is your role at Xodus?
I lead much of our supply chain and industry development work. This means working alongside offshore wind project developers, suppliers and economic development agencies to identify and close supplier capability gaps, measure and grow local supply chain content, and to understand the economic and social benefits of offshore wind projects. Developing the capability to have projects supplied locally will be especially important for the US industry to build long-term sustainability and reduce the volume of components that need to be delivered from overseas.

You have recently moved to the US, what made you make the move across the Atlantic?
The US is still a relatively nascent offshore wind industry but one with huge ambition and potential for growth. The opportunity to play a role in enabling such a substantial change was too exciting to resist.

How does this role support the development of the industry?
Offshore wind projects are huge and complex with almost every decision there is an opportunity to make positive economic, environmental or social change. My role supporting projects and the development of local suppliers and workforces enables the industry to progress in a way that benefits both developers and local communities. The opportunity to support diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives as part of industry development is something we haven’t seen so many large industries take advantage of before which is hugely exciting!

What is the most interesting project you have been involved in while at Xodus?
Supporting offshore wind developers to plan and design aspects of a project is always fun as there are always new challenges and innovative solutions to consider. Seeing these projects come to life will be incredible, particularly in the US where installation of the first commercial scale offshore wind project will be a significant moment marking a historic change in the US energy landscape.

What advice would you give anyone looking to join the offshore wind industry?
My most impactful and rewarding work has been delivered as part of great teams, so reach out and find people who share the same passion and want to achieve the same things you do.

What is the biggest challenge the industry is facing?
The offshore wind industry is tackling a wide range of interesting challenges. I’m fascinated by the prospect of commercial-scale floating offshore wind farms and overcoming the technology, infrastructure and policy hurdles to make them a reality. It’s an industry that has taken its first steps in Europe but will also grow substantially in East Asia and the US over the next decade too.