An interview with… Hillary Bright

Hillary Bright has recently joined as our new vice president for renewables in the United States. She brings vast experience specialising in the connection between union relationships, energy, climate change, and economic development. With a proven track record leading a diverse coalition of stakeholders to achieve policy change, Hillary has an established ability of understanding clients’ needs and maintain critical long-term relationships.

We talked to Hillary about her new position and her ambitions over the next few months.

What does your new role consist of Xodus?
As the US VP for renewables, I will primarily be looking to expand our offshore wind services across North America and develop new partnerships to support the growth of the industry. I feel fortunate to be joining the company at an exciting time.

Why did you decide to join the company?
I’d built up a relationship with some of the team over the last few years through my role at the BlueGreen Alliance and I was always impressed by the knowledge and insight within Xodus. Since opening the Boston office last year, it’s impressive to see how much has been achieved. We’ve already delivered several supply chain projects, which has proven a valuable resource in understanding where the opportunities and challenges lie. We had to learn to walk before we could run but I feel we’re now in a place where we can really take off.

What sets Xodus apart?
What separates us is the international knowledge and experience of our experts – and we can use this to support the creation of a strong and sustainable supply chain across the US. There is a flexibility within Xodus that allows us to get to the heart of an issue and help solve complex issues for clients. In the US, we are seeing a lot of new interest across the east coast but also early-stage work in California and the Gulf of Mexico. We want to establish ties with local supply chain, academia and economic development agencies to solve problems will accelerate the development of new large-scale projects.

What are your plans for the next few months?
What I’m most looking forward to is getting out and meeting people again face-to-face and showing what Xodus is all about. We’re exhibiting at IPF 21 and it will be great to catch up with old – and new – faces. It will be fantastic to show what we can do as a company and build on the great start we’ve had in Boston.

How excited are you about the potential of offshore wind in the US?
There is so much to be excited about. Offshore wind is not only vitally important for us to meet climate goals, it is also going to be an economically vital sector for generations to come. One aspect I am passionate about is ensuring that we create a fairer sector for everyone and this is why we have just signed up to create a new workforce program aiming to increase the participation of underrepresented populations in the offshore wind industry. As a country, we have a once-in-a-generation chance to get this right and show the offshore wind sector as an example in delivering good-paying, high quality jobs for those who have often been underrepresented. It’s a socially monumental opportunity to engage in community-driven approaches to champion the need for diversity and inclusivity in the industry and initiatives.