An interview with… James McAreavey

James McAreavey talks about the importance of electrification after we announced we were supporting Harbour Energy to assess the infrastructure and modifications required to enable the electrification of their Central North Sea assets.

Read the interview below.

James McAreavey


Role: Concept Development Manager – EMEA Region
Years in industry: 26
Years at Xodus: 12

What role will you play on this project?

Study Lead

What project experience will help you tackle this scope?

My background in early project development plus extensive experience in understanding how brownfield modifications actually work really helped as did more recent experience in subsea power cable and floating wind farm projects.

Why is electrification of the North Sea important?

I see it as a social licence to operate issue for the North Sea oil and gas community. We need to show that we can produce the oil and gas that our society really needs in a cleaner way.

What are the challenges of electrifying the North Sea?   

The main challenges really are around the balance between the cost of implementing then operating electrification (for new or existing assets) and how much production can the electrified asset produce to offset that cost. On top of that, we have an uncertain legislative pathway for oil and gas electrification that is introducing further uncertainty in an already challenging area.

What one piece of advice would you give operators when looking at electrification?  

Collaborate! The only way we are going to get electrification moving in the North Sea is if the operators of the oil and gas assets that are out there pull together and pursue common projects at scale.