An interview with… Simon James

Simon James

Role – Head of Interconnectors and Cables
Years in Industry – 30
Years with Xodus – 3 Months

How did you get into interconnectors and cables?
I have installed power cables, control umbilicals and fibre optics, both subsea and onshore as an integral part of larger EPC, IMR and light construction scopes for Operators. This led me to stand alone cable installation and trenching contracts, beach pulls and cable repairs which in turn brought me to Xodus. My role with Xodus will focus on interconnectors and cables in renewables and decarbonisation scopes. I am currently working on multiple confidential projects such FEED and feasibility studies for cable installations, subsea cable burial of export and inter array cables and multiple cable repairs. 

How does interconnectors and cables expertise fit with an electrification scope?
Electrification scopes, if done correctly, mean real decarbonisation for offshore oil and gas. These scopes require the same expertise and skills as pure oil and gas and renewables cable scopes such as FEED and pre-FEED studies, optioneering, route selection, route engineering, cable burial assessments, cable burial risk assessments, geophysical and geotechnical engineering.

What other type of interconnectors and cables work does Xodus do?
Our interconnectors and cables team has a wealth of operational, technical and project management expertise in interconnectors, export and inter-array cables and we are well placed to support electrification, gas to wire and many other initiatives to aid decarbonisation in the North Sea and other regions.

What are the benefits of working in your discipline and working in an integrated energy consultancy?
My role allows me to work at the forefront of the energy transition; interconnectors and cables deliver connectivity, allowing transmission and distribution of electricity from renewable and alternative energy sources contributing to decarbonisation. Xodus is a multidisciplinary integrated energy consultancy, which allows me to work on multifaceted and interesting scopes. Every day I am learning new things through the work I am doing and I am getting opportunities to work on the development of new projects and technology which is really exciting. I am doing all of this alongside a range of amazing personnel, from subsea engineers to philosophy graduates, that’s some real benefits of being integrated.