As assets approach the end of their life, operators are faced with several options on next steps.

Our in-house expertise, experience and tools support a robust decision-making process. Our engineers, environmental, cost-estimating and risk management professionals are adept at successfully managing complex and challenging decommissioning projects. Engaging the supply chain at an early stage is a key enabler to reduce the cost of decommissioning. We have a unique overview of the marketplace and can match client requirements to our own and others’ technology and techniques.

Our team has been involved in the development of statutory policy and industry best practice for decommissioning. Our strategy planning experience covers straightforward assets such as small unmanned platforms through to more complex larger infrastructure with interconnecting pipelines and umbilicals. We share lessons learned from previous project experience to inform decision making on future decommissioning jobs. We have undertaken more than 150 decommissioning projects and a range of environmental EIAs and other related studies, using our North Sea knowledge and adopting it internationally.

Working as a trusted partner, we add value to projects through our adaptability as decommissioning plans can change and the pace of the project sometimes needs to adjust due to external factors. We collaborate closely with clients, focusing on their goals to determine the most robust solution in terms of safety, the environment and the community, while not losing sight of the need to manage and reduce costs.

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