Technical Safety & Risk

The effective management of technical safety and risk is one of the first priorities in any energy project.

Production facilities and renewables sites can be complex and located in unique environments that are hostile with potential for health and safety issues, negative environmental impact or loss-making downtime. Through our broad network of consultants, our proven technical skills and extensive operational experience enables us to identify and focus on the issues that are critical to managing major accident hazards. We address all technical safety issues related to oil and gas production and support all stages of the design process from concept selection, detailed design and on through the life of a development.

Our specialists have a wealth of modelling experience in large and small scale QRAs in support of safety cases and in more detailed analysis for specific issues such as failure of safety critical elements or management of change. We also help our energy clients meet ever-changing international safety regulations by providing expertise in the numerous disciplines involved. The development and maintenance of a safety and environmental management system (SEMS) is a requirement that many stakeholders need assistance in delivering. Our experts provide full support for clients to develop and improve their SEMS and is fully conversant with the appropriate internationally recognised standards.

As projects develop from prospect status into a committed investment, numerous decisions are made at the strategic and operational levels. Without a robust decision-making process, your project could be exposed to the threat of value erosion from wrong, late or inconsistent decisions. Our focus is to simplify and inform the decision-making process using our techniques and expertise. Together they promote an expedient, flexible, robust and auditable decision-making process to mitigate risk.

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